Sports County USA is an initiative enacted by the Spokane County Commissioner as a marketing tool designed to support and enhance the value of marketing efforts and pitch materials for Spokane Public Facilities District and Spokane Sports Commission in attracting events and visitors to Spokane and surrounding area.

Mood Boards & Research
Research for this project included project discovery, client survey and mood boards. During the project discovery the stake holders were asked what the brand attributes should be. These brand attributes are key words that would guide and inform the design process.
Based on the project discovery and client survey I was able to begin assembling mood boards to present to the client as a way of forming a general direction that the project will be headed in.
Early Sketches & Vector Versions
Early sketches for this project were centered around finding a solution that could exist in a badge-type lockup. 
The stake holders for this project were very interested in a final logo version could stand alone to represent the brand and be easily adapted to work as stickers, patches, pins, embroidery and other applications for brand collateral or potential team jerseys or sportswear if needed.
Everyone loves a good badge, but one of the challenges on this project was creating assets that are scalable across applications — screens, packaging, merchandise.
Approved Logo & Variations
Of the five concepts presented to the project committee the the brand and logo selection was made without any deliberation and the decision was unanimous. 
This particular project is unique in that the brand and logo selected by the project committee had to also pass the approval of the three county commissioner seats at a public hearing as well, which it did with the same level of excitement.
Branding & Usage
Brand Teaser Billboard Campaign