Roast House is an award winning coffee roaster located in Spokane, WA. Roast House has been nationally recognized for their exceptional small batch and limited roasts.
The stake holders at Roast House wanted a simple, modern and iconic new look for their Limited Release series coffees. The primary goal of this project was to build something that would have a unique shelf appeal to interest more consumers. These labels are used for bottled goods, whole bean coffees, and and a myriad of other retail goods.
This final eye catching label was developed through an exploration of shapes that we felt represented the brand and what Roast House represents as a brand. A challenge for this project was working within the already established brand colors and typography. After review and revisions we arrived at this simple drop logo that we believe embodies many characteristics of coffee, coffee culture and the Roast House philosophy.
In a continued effort to diversify the Roast House brand I developed a series of t-shirts for them that are completely unique from any apparel they've done in the past. After discussing several options I iterated a number of vintage and hand lettered feeling logotype and typographical options.