A Northwest native working in a remote world.
As a PNW native Evan's design sense is formed around his experiences living and working in Seattle and exploring the diverse landscapes of his home region — from the the salt stained docks of the peninsula, all the way to the arid Inland Empire. 
Evan left behind the specialty retail and service industries to forge a path in the creative landscape building identities and brands that are relevant and leave lasting impressions with their audiences. 
A previous culinary education and years of back-of-the-house work along with over a decade of specialty retail experience have helped to inform Evan's human-centered design thinking.
A conceptual and creative thinker.
Evan specializes in brand design and evolution, digital design, and UI/UX. He is also fluent in traditional print and layout design as well as packaging, ad campaigns, illustration, typographical solutions and messaging.
Evan commonly flexing  foundational design principles while integrating elements of inspiration from the fringes of design to deliver unique and compelling work that resonates. He's not afraid to break outside the boundaries of convention and works with a passion to deliver only the highest quality work that is informed by research, understanding, and empathy.